Group Sales
How to Negotiate and Present Your Destination

There’s no such thing as a born salesperson. Great sales reps make it look easy, but superior performance usually indicates a salesperson has taken the time to hone their skills and is constantly iterating to better help their prospects.

The tourism industry is no different from any other sales team. If sales or someone on your team is responsible for presenting the destination to potential group buyers and attends conferences such as MPI, ABA or NASC they probably do this: travel with hundreds of brochures and a visually stunning website, but showing 500+ things to do in a overwhelming pool of content.


Does that sound effective?

Itinerary Planner for Groups
ImGoing - Your next generation event cal

Group sales. Corporate, sports teams, bus tours, social groups. The Destination Trip Planner is an interactive tool for group buyers to discover your destination and to plan itineraries for their groups. The drag-and-drop feature, the instant recalculation of the mileage/kilometers and stops, allow buyers the flexibility they need to be able to create itineraries that will deliver the experience their customers expect.

Showcase your destination by offering unique itineraries. Creating sample itineraries has never been easier. 1-2-3, review, save, share.


PS.  Visitor or Welcome Centers and hotels will benefit from using the Destination Trip Planner to create custom itineraries for visitors and guests.



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